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The Time Twister

Inside the pyramid, Rusty throws a fighting star which bounces off of Anubis' chest, Parker fights Anubis with a sword, while Pandish swings his bamboo staff to keep many little Ushabti sculptures away.

The boys find themselves in a cold and dark passageway.

"I've got a flashlight in my bag," Parker says, and takes it out. The flashlight helps the boys explore the pyramid. Dusty enters a room filled with many amazing objects. The wall is covered with ancient Egyptian writing, called "hieroglyphics".

Parker shines the light of the flashlight beam over the carved stone wall.

"This is history," Pandish whispers. "This is unbelievable."

Dusty and Rusty are already exploring the room. They find pots and urns around the edges of the room. Dusty lifts the lid off one of the clay pots. It's gold!

"GOLD!" Dusty shouts. "Just what I wished for!"

The pot is very heavy so Dusty and Rusty lift it up together.

At that point, the boys hear the sound of running footsteps from somewhere in the pyramid. They look at each other and realize someone or something is after them!

"It's the Pharaoh's Curse!" Parker screams.

The footsteps grow even louder in the corridor. They all turn toward the doorway and see that Anubis, the half-jackal, half-man statue of the ancient Egyptians, is entering the chamber.

"It's Anubis!" Pandish shouts. Pandish always seems to know everything.

As Parker and Rusty fight Anubis with the sword and fighting stars, Pandish fights off lots of little statues with his bamboo staff.

"Ushabti!" Pandish shouts as he swings his staff.

"I should what?" Parker responds loudly.

"Ushabti!" Pandish repeats.

Between sword swings, Parker yells, "You should what?"

"No," Pandish replies. "Ushabti, are the little servant statues buried with the Pharoahs to assist them in the afterworld."

The guys can't believe Pandish. Even in the middle of a fight, he's still a know-it-all.

"Run!" Pandish shouts as he dashes down the corridor.

Egyptian Archeology - Ushabtis servants of the Pharoahs.

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