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The Time Twister

A desert scene of three large pyramids with a small view of Anubis in the magic spinner view, the time twister carrying the boys and the words Egypt! in large letters.


They are suddenly lying in warm sand. The air is very hot around them and also very dry. They look around and see sand dunes.

"We're in the desert," Pandish says as he dusts himself off.

"It must be Egypt," Parker says, his eyes wide with excitement.

As they look around, Rusty points into the distance. "Pyramids!"

All the boys turn and look.

"Pyramids!" Parker yells. "It's Egypt!!!"

Parker runs toward the pyramids and the others follow. They enter the opening of the first pyramid.

Three massive pyramids with 3 small camels and riders. With a small door on one of the pyramids.

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