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The Time Twister

Pandish rides a large horse while Dusty, Rusty and Parker run for their lives. Dusty carries a large banner that says KidzAnimals while arrows and cannonballs sail around them. A castle in the background.

Soon Pandish is on his own horse which has a decorated bridle and saddle.

"It's just what I wanted!" Pandish yells with joy. "We are knights in battle. I always wanted this. Always, always, always!"

The boys go toward the sound of fighting.

"At least I got a sword," Parker boasts. Dusty carries a KidzAnimals banner for the time travelers.

Pandish then brags to all of them. "It's like I'm the knight and you are my servants."

They others look up at him and frown. What a show off! Why should he be riding a grand horse when they have to walk?

The sounds of battle get closer and closer. They smell something smoky. It's smoke from cannons!


Cannonballs are flying through the air above their heads. And arrows are coming in their direction too. What?! This was supposed to be safe!

"We're in the middle of the battle!" Parker shouts.

"RUN!" Pandish shouts and leads them away from the battle. The boys run and wish that the Time Twister would save them. And soon enough they are carried away again.

As they look down, they can see the beautiful horse below them. And off in the distance they see a huge battle from olden days.

The Time Twister spins them around. They all fall to the ground and notice that it feels...

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