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The Time Twister

In the clubhouse - Pandish, Parker, Rusty and Dusty celebrate while views of boys wishes of a real castle, real Anubis, time twister and a real dinosaur show inside four magic spinner glass viewers.

"We got better wishes than what we asked for!" Rusty added. "Much more real."

"I can't wait to tell the other KidzAnimals about our amazing day," Parker says as he cleans up.

Parker puts the spinner and the scrolls into his messenger bag to take home. The boys hide the sword, the fighting stars and the six head sashes in a dark corner of the clubhouse.

"Hey guys," Dusty asks. "What should we call ourselves? We need some sort of group name."

"Yeah," Rusty agrees with his twin. "Some sort of team name."

"How about the Time Traveling Team?" Parker suggests. "Or KidzAnimals Time Travelers?"

"How about the Time Travel Kidz?" Dusty says.

"Or the Time Twister Kidz?" Rusty suggests.

"I got it," Pandish says. He waits for the others to listen to him.

Pandish makes them wait. He's such a know-it-all!

"T5 Adventures," he finally says. "Traveling Through The Time Twister - T5."

Traveling Through The Time Twister!


The other three agree. "Great Name!" "Yeah!" "Alright!" "Awesome!"

In the clubhouse - Pandish, Parker, Rusty and Dusty celebrate while the words The End burst through.



Page 18


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