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The Time Twister

With pyramids in the background the four boys run away from Anubis, spilling the stolen gold.

The four boys run out of the pyramid. Dusty and Rusty carry a half-filled pot of gold.

Anubis chases after them.

"He wants his gold back!" Pandish shouts. "Give him his gold!"

But they won't give the gold back and keep running off with it.

"Return his gold!" Parker orders the twins. They are so stubborn!

Dusty and Rusty throw the stolen gold coins into the air. Finally, Anubis stops chasing them. He holds his staff out and guards the pyramids from these thieves.

All at once the wind of the Time Twister is heard. They are lifted up into the tornado's spout and carried out of Egypt. As they look down, they see Anubis still guarding the Pharoah's gold.

"We're going somewhere else!" Parker shouts inside the twister.

"I hope it's the moo-o-o-o-n-n-n!" Rusty yells.

Once again the scenes from history flash below them as they spin around.

The magic spinner glass view shows Anubis defending his gold. In the background the time twister spins the boys out of Egypt.

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