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The Magic Spinner

The Magic Spinner board lies on top of the two unrolled Japanese scrolls.

Parker can't believe how lucky he is to have found his Grandfather's trunk in the attic. Now the two Japanese scrolls and the Magic Spinner are his!

"These are so cool," he says to himself. And if Mrs. Ito is right, that they're part of some sort of mysterious game, that's even cooler.

He reads the two poems from the notepad the Ito's gave him.

First the scroll with the black ribbon:

"Travel 'round
And in a whirl
Travel to another world"

Then the scroll with the red ribbon:

"Travel far
And travel fast
Travel, travel to the past."

"This has to be a game," Parker thinks. "I'm sure of it. I just hope Pandish can figure this out. He knows lots about stuff like this."

"Parker!" Mom shouts from down the hall. "Please turn off the computer and take your shower. It's time for bed."

The two Japanese scrolls are unrolled with the English translations above each of them. The red ribbon scroll reads 'Travel Far and Travel Fast, Travel, Travel to the Past.' The black ribbon scroll reads "Travel 'Round and in a Whirl, Travel to Another World'.

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