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The Magic Spinner

At the Japanese restaurant - Mr. Ito holds the scroll while Mrs. Ito looks on. Parker looks on very interested while holding the magic spinner board.

Mr. Ito is very friendly and quite happy that Parker has something Japanese to show him. He takes the scrolls to a clean table and carefully unrolls them. He can tell already that they are special.

"These are very old, Parker," he says. "Where did you get these?"

Parker explains how he found them in an old trunk belonging to his Grandfather.

"My Grandfather was in the navy and traveled all over the world," Parker explains proudly. "Now Mom says that they are mine!"

Mr. Ito studies the scrolls and then calls his wife over. Mrs. Ito comes over and puts on her reading glasses. She holds one of the scrolls closer to the light.

"I think this is from the mid-Edo period," she says. "It was a time in Japanese history when the Japanese closed themselves off from the world. During that time their own society and culture grew."

Mrs. Racoosin and Punky come over too. They stand back and let Parker do the talking.

Mr. and Mrs. Ito nod their heads as they read the Japanese scroll with the red ribbon. Mrs. Ito then tells Parker what it says in English.

"It's like a poem," she says and reads it out loud. First in Japanese, then in English.

The Japanese scroll with red ribbon is unrolled with translation of 'Travel far and travel fast, Travel, travel to the past.' Parker in the background.

"Travel far
And travel fast
Travel, travel to the past."

Mr. Ito picks up the second scroll - the one with the black ribbon around it. He studies the old Japanese writing and then reads out loud first in Japanese, then in English.

"Travel 'round
And in a whirl
Travel to another world"

"These are very, very interesting," Mrs. Ito says. She gives Parker a little notepad and repeats each of the poems slowly, to give Parker a chance to write them down.

The Japanese scroll with black ribbon is unrolled with translation of 'Travel 'round and in a whirl, Travel to another world'. Mr. Ito in the background.

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