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The Magic Spinner

In the Japanese restaurant - Mr. Ito holds the scroll and says 'This is very interesting'. Mrs. Ito looks on, shakes her husbands shoulder and says 'Let me see!' Parker looks on, very interested while holding the magic spinner board. Punky is in in the background holding chopsticks while the rag doll is lying on the floor.

As a reward for all their work today, Mom decides to take Parker and Punky out to dinner.

"Let's go out for dinner," Mom suggests. "It's a treat since you both worked so hard."

"Yeah!" Punky cheers as she jumps up and down. "Can we go to my favorite? ...Mi Rancho?"

"Naw," Parker says. "Let's go for sushi. Come on Mom. We always go to Mi Rancho."

"But I like to watch the tortillas getting made," Punky begs. She loves watching the tortilla machine as it flattens and bakes the tortillas.

"Please Mom," Parker begs. "I want to ask the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Ito, what Grandpa's scrolls say. I really want to, Mom. Please..."

Mrs. Racoosin thinks for a moment. She likes to encourage learning, and the scrolls did look interesting. Having them translated could be interesting.

"Please," Parker begs again.

"Okay," Mom agrees. She knows that there are plenty of foods that Punky likes on the Japanese menu too.

"If Parker's bringing his scrolls, then I want to bring Raggie Maggie, my new doll," Punky announced proudly. "To show the Itos, too!"

Mom sighed that Punky would bring such a dusty thing into the restaurant. Hopefully she'd forget it in the car...

When they get to the restaurant, Parker wants to ask the manager, Mr. Ito, what his scrolls say. But Mom tells him that they should order first and eat, and not bother Mr. Ito during the busiest time.

After they finish their meal and most of the dinner crowd has left, Mom lets Parker show Mr. and Mrs. Ito the spinner and the two scrolls.

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