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The Jewel World

The Jewel World Cavern is shown magestically in bright blues with gemstones sparkling. The four girls shown on small scale walking along.

The ceiling of the Rainbow cavern was so very high and so very blue, it was as if the sky was above them. But this sky was actually blue topaz.

Green trees were made from layers and layers of carved jewels. There were jade trees, emerald trees and malachite trees. Light shined through the leaves and made pretty green colors on the ground. Pink jewel flowers grew on some trees and ruby apples grew on others.

The tree trunks were huge solid columns of a brown and yellow stone. JenJen looked very closely at one of the trunks and said, "It's jasper. Polished jasper."

She rubbed her hand over the stone trunk and shook her head. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"This is unbelievable."

Then pointing around her, Jen began telling the other girls what kinds of gems all the other things were made of. JenJen was an expert in geology and minerals.

"Those ducks are amethysts and they're swimming on an aquamarine river." Then she pointed to some pink flowers and said, "those pretty flowers over there are pink tourmaline and those apples are either rubies or garnets. Maybe both, I'm not sure."

"And look other there. Those yellow leaves are called citrine. And the birds are made of turquoise bodies and lapis lazuli heads!"

"I think the flowers the birds are hovering over, are made of amber and rubies," JenJen pointed.

Jen looked around in amazement. "I can't believe what I'm seeing!"

"Wow," said Katya. "Rainbow must be worth a lot of money."

"More than a lot," answered Kicker. "It's priceless."

Story illustration - The Jewel World with many gemstones and gemstone names over illustration.

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