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The Jewel World

The two Wishing Stone poems on lined paper with the wishing stone in front with colorful, glowing imagination dust coming from the wishing stone.

"How about if we recite Jen's poem together?" Kicker said excitedly. "And all say the word rainbow at the end. Maybe we can go inside a rainbow after all!"

So, the four girls sat around the beautiful blue and green sparkly wishing stone and read the second poem together, since it was about color.

"Wishing stone
Like no other
Take us to worlds
Of Light and Color!"

Then together they whispered, "Rainbow."

And then "imagination dust" began sparkling from the wishing stone. This glitter dust floated up from the wishing stone. A shimmering light of bright colors began flashing from the wishing stone. It was beautiful to see, but soon became so bright that the girls had to close their eyes.

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