Hop Hopscotch


When Punky goes back inside her house, she sees her brother Parker leave with two of his friends. She rushes out onto the back deck and sees Parker running down the hill with his friends, Pandish and Rusty. Of course Punky wants to go with them to play in the woods too.

"Parker, wait up!" she hollers. "Wait for me!"

But they keep running down the hill into the valley.

"Parker, wait! Wait or I'm telling Mom!"

The three boys keep running down the hill without stopping for Punky.

Punky runs inside to her mother who is speaking on the phone with someone.

"Mommy! Parker won't play with me," Punky yells as she runs into the kitchen.

Mom tells Punky to hush.

"Can't you see I'm on the phone?" Mom says. "You'll just have to play alone today sweetie."

Punky then tries to listen to what her Mom is saying on the phone. But Mom is talking too fast and using big words.

"That's not fair," Punky says. "I can't understand you when you talk so fast."

"Shhhh...... " Mom whispers. She shakes her head "No" at Punky.

But Punky keeps repeating herself to her mother.

"Mommy, talk slower," Punky whines.

Mom finally sends Punky to her room for a time-out.