Tiger Info

Teejah and tiger pics.

Teejah and Tigers

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Panthera tigris
DIET:   Tigers are meat eaters. Their prey are larger mammals such as wild boar and deer.
YOUNG:  Two to three cubs are born blind and helpless. They weigh only two pounds (1 kg) at birth and nurse for 6 months.
HABITAT:  Tigers range from India in the west to China and Southeast Asia in the east.

  • The mother Tiger teaches her young to hunt. Without this training, they can never be good hunters.
  • Siberian Tigers are the heaviest at over 500 lbs (225 kg). Sumutran Tigers are the lighest at 250 lbs (110 kg).
  • A Tiger's night vision is 6 times better than humans'.
  • Tigers like to swim and cool off in water.


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