Raccoon Info

Punky and raccoon pic and stuffed animal.

Punky and Raccoons

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Procyon lotor
DIET:  Raccoons are omnivorous and will eat anything. They eat fish, crayfish, snails, slugs, insects, worms, eggs, small prey, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Where people live, they also eat pet food and from trash cans.
YOUNG:  The litter has from two to five young born in the spring. The young are called kits and are born deaf and blind, but have their distinct face mask.
HABITAT:  North America from Canada to Panama. They live in wooded areas and have adapted to living around people.

  • Raccoons will make their nest anywhere and they usually have more than one den available for use.
  • Some raccoons like to dunk their food in water.
  • The most important sense for the raccoon is its sense of touch.


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