Mouse Info

Maddie with mouse pics.

Maddie and Mice

COMMON NAME: Mouse, House Mouse, Field Mouse
DIET:  Mice can eat many types of food such as grains, pet food pellets, crumbs found on the floor, grasses, and seeds in the wild.
YOUNG:  Baby Mice are called pups. A litter can contain 5 to 10 pups. The young Mice are ready to have their own offspring when they are 8 weeks old.
HABITAT:  Throughout the world. Outdoors, in fields and meadows, and indoors in houses, barns and other buildings.

  • .Mice originally lived in Africa, Europe and Asia. They came to the Americas around 500 years ago with the European settlers.
  • Mice do not need to drink water as their bodies can create water through the digestion of food.
  • A female Mouse can have 100 pups in a year.


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