Horse Info

Kicker and Horses

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Equus caballus
DIET:   Horses love short, juicy grass. They eat hay, which is dried grass, and various grains such as oats and barley.
YOUNG:  A baby horse is called a foal. After a year it is called a yearling. A filly is a young female and a colt is a young male.
HABITAT:  Throughout the world, among people and in the wild.

  • A baby horse is able to stand one hour after birth, and able to run two hours after birth.
  • Horses have monocular vision, which means that each eye sees its own separate image.
  • There are over 350 different breeds of horses.
  • Horses are used for performing work such as pulling burdens and carrying people. They are also used for recreation such as riding and racing.


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