Wolf Info

Wolfie with wolves.

Wolfie and Wolves

COMMON NAME:   Wolf, Gray Wolf, Timber Wolf
DIET:  Wolves are carnivores and eat large hoofed mammals such as white-tailed deer, elk and moose. Wolves also hunt beavers, hares, and smaller animals.
YOUNG:  Only the dominant pair breeds. The female digs a den where the pups will stay. Usually 6 to 7 pups are born, but litter can be from 1 to 14 pups.
HABITAT:  North America from Alaska, through Canada and the United states, and down to Mexico. Wolves live in a variety of habitats from the Arctic tundra to forest, prairie and dry scrub landscapes.

  • Gray wolves range in color from grizzled gray or black to all-white.
  • Wolves can communicate with each other using barks, whines, growls and howls.
  • Native Americans consider the Gray Wolf a significant animal and include the Wolf in their culture, art and stories.


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