Rabbit Info

Benny and Rabbits

COMMON NAME:  Cottontail Rabbit
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Lepus sylvaticus
DIET:  Green vegetation such as grasses and clover, bark, buds and twigs.
YOUNG:  The young are called kits or kittens. The female rabbit can have 2 to 4 litters a year. Each litter can have up to 9 kits. A baby female rabbit grows up and is ready to have her own babies when she is 3 months old.
HABITAT:   The cottontail rabbit is widely distributed across North, South, and Central America

  • They are called cottontails because of the white stub tail which shows when they hop away.
  • There are many types of Cottontail Rabbits such as Eastern Cottontail, Marsh Rabbit, Mexican Cottontail, Desert Cottontail, etc.
  • Most cottontails live in nests called "forms".


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