Lion Info

Little Leo with lion art.

Little Leo and Lions

DIET:   Lions hunt and eat large mammals such as zebras and wildebeest. They also hunt smaller animals.
YOUNG:  Female lions have a litter of cubs every two years. There are one to five cubs in each litter.
HABITAT:  Southern and eastern Africa and in the south Sahara desert of Africa. Inhabiting grassy plains, savannahs, open woodlands and dry scrub country.

  • Lions are very social and live in large groups called prides which are around 15 lions.
  • Female Lions hunt as a group and do most of the hunting since they are faster. Male Lions hunt too, especially if the prey is large.
  • An adult Lion's roar can be heard up to five miles away. This will warn off intruders or bring together the pride members.
  • Lions are very popular in art, because of their magestic manes & are called King of the Jungle.


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