Bear Info

Tedds with bear sculpture and pics.

Tedds and Bears

COMMON NAME:  Brown Bear
DIET:   The Brown Bear is omnivorous & eats grasses, roots, berries, nuts, insects, fish, carrion (which are dead, decaying animals), and small and large animals.
YOUNG:  The young weigh less than a pound at birth. The average litter size is two cubs, but one to four cubs is common. The Bear cubs grow inside the mother Bear while she hibernates.
HABITAT:   North America and Europe. In wooded areas and open natural wilderness areas.

  • Bears can stand up on their hind legs for extended periods of time.
  • Bears are very strong and can take down large prey.
  • Bears are a popular animal in Native American storytelling and tradition.
  • Bears eat a lot and gain a lot of weight in the fall. Then they can hibernate (a very deep sleep) through the cold winter.


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