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KidzAnimals greatly appreciates your feedback and comments. There are four ways to reach out to KidzAnimals and provide comments and feedback.

  1. Letters and Postcards - Please send letters and postcards to the following address:

    KidzAnimals LLC
    P.O. Box 5718
    Derwood, Maryland 20855

    If a response is required, all attempts will be made to respond to your concern.

  2. Social Media - KidzAnimals is active and semi-active on five social media platforms; TikTok , Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest - Please give appropriate comments that are not spam!
  3. Product Concerns - When you purchase a product from our online stores you can leave comments, reviews or interact with our print-on-demand partners.  KidzAnimals sells custom made Print on Demand (POD) products.  Because all products are custom made, and not resellable, KidzAnimals maintains a strict Return Policy.  (See Returns Policy.)  Only defective items are returnable.  Should there be a problem with a defective product, it will be the print-on-demand store that handles returns and issues.  KidzAnimals does not create or ship the products found in the online stores -- that would require too much inventory to stock.  Product concerns are handled by our print-on-demand partners such as Gooten, Printify, Printful and Zazzle.

Because I work on my own as a “solopreneur”, I do not have staff or employees to assist with answering phones and emails throughout the day. I hope you understand this and contact me through the above channels.

Thanks, Rachel Zuckerman, Owner of KidzAnimals

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