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I'd like to thank all the photographers, videographers, nature watchers, artists, zoos, animal lovers, online stores and others who have made their photos, videos, sculptures, jewelry and artwork available for the KidzAnimals’ Animal Info and Animal Video pages.  Thank you everyone for your contribution! Your images of animals, artwork, statues, toys make the KidzAnimals pages a more enjoyable and colorful experience.

These images are not being used for commercial purposes, instead to teach children about animals and show these animals in their best and most interesting light.  These images may have been cropped, modified and overlapped to fit the needed design.  If elements have been added to an image - that will be mentioned in the credit.

I have tried to use Flickr’s and Wikipedia's Creative Commons for photographs, and provide accurate and fair credit for other’s works.  If I have inadvertently not provided an accurate name or credit, I apologize in advance and will update the credit.

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NOTE: KidzAnimals does not cross-post live links on this page. Instead, credits listed on this page are detailed enough to allow interested adults to search them out and find them online. At the same time children cannot inadvertly leave this site and go to other places on the web.

Bear, Tedds:

Carved Stone Credit: Blue Stone Bear - www indiansummer dot com - Blue Bear Fetish
Photo Credit: Sleeping Bear - firstpeople dot us/FP-Html-Pictures/bears_pg01 dot html
Photo Credit: Bear Walking in Woods - flickr dot com/search/?user_id=57256462%40N07 &view_all=1&text=brown%20bear
Photo Credit: Bear with Paws on Glass - flickr dot com/photos/sfmine79/3211989750/in/photolist-5TQhDC-ZfkurW
Sculpture Credit: Bear with Fish in its Mouth - www liveauctioneers dot com - Japanese Arts and Crafts Hand Carved Bear
Video Credit: Youtube @bilco1959 - youtube dot com/watch?v=trID14qnouY

Cat, Elena:

Photo Credits: All Cat Photos - flickr dot com/photos/anshara
Sculpture Credit: Egyptian Cat Statue - AliExpress dot com
Video Credit: Youtube @gozen3 - youtube dot com/watch?v=UrYlgvEqu6U

Cougar, Cooper:

Artist Credit: Drawing of mountain lion with tracks - Artist Rod Velarde - Jicarilla Apache Nation
Artist Credit: Cougar in snow from Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife - wdfw dot wa dot gov/species-habitats/species/puma-concolor#living (Snow background made off-white by KidzAnimals.)
Photo Credit: Cougar photograph of Tambako the Jaguar in flickr dot com
Stamp Credit: Panther Stamp - US Postal Service Florida by Nancy Stahl
Stamp Credit: Republic of Benin stamp
Video Credit: Youtube @The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden - youtube dot com/watch?v=l26Nd6IHCqA

Cougar, Coug:

Photo Credit: Cougar in tree - wdfw dot wa dot gov/wlm/living/cougars.htm
Photo Credit: Cougar with staring eyes - flickr dot com/muzina_shanghai
Sculpture Credit: Carved Cougar - picclick dot com - Seller:libertychainsawcarvings
Video Credit: Youtube @CougarFund - Videographer and photographer Tom Mangelsen - youtube dot com/watch?v=fxIs9QvvrxU

Dog, Dusty:

Photo Credit: Brown Puppy - flickr dot com/photos/kesselring (Single photo duplicated to look like twin puppies.)
Photo Credit: Two Sled Dogs - flickr dot com/Кирилл Чеботарь
Video Credit: Dog Sledding in Breckenridge, Colorado - PrimoMedia - Chris Biela, Photography Chris Biela - #breckenridge #dogsledding #breckenridgecolorado - youtube dot com/watch?v=OipHd7guv8Q

Dog, Rusty:

Photo Credit: Brown Puppy - flickr dot com/photos/kesselring (Single photo duplicated to look like twin puppies.)
Photo Credit: Dog in Grass - flickr dot com/photos/Neha Viswanathan
Photo Credit: Dogs in Car Window - flickr dot com/bmendez68
Video Credit: Youtube @The Dodo - youtube dot com/watch?v=Ej95hRv-xNM - Tam Tu

Golden Lion Tamarin, Chimp:

Photo Credit: Tamarin Looking at Food - flickr dot com/photos/happymonkey
Photo Credit: Tamarin in Jungle Environment - flickr dot com/photos/greyloch
Sign Credit: Watch for Tamarins - flickr dot com/photos/Nick Hall - 02030 Typhon (Added word “Tamarins” & colorized sign orange.)
Video Credit: Youtube @MetalElephant - youtube dot com/watch?v=c-rMbni7N0g

Golden Lion Tamarin, Pammie:

Photo Credit: Tamarin Walking on Twigs - flickr dot com/photos/cuatrok77/ (Pink bow added.)
Photo Credit: Two Little Girls Watching Tamarin - flickr dot com/photos/cobblestones/
Photo Credit: Cute Baby GLT - flickr dot com/photos/steveharris/37993703
Sign Credit: flickr dot com/photos/Nick Hall - 02030 Typhon (Added word “Tamarins” and colorized sign bright pink.)
Video Credit: Youtube @Brookfield Zoo - youtube dot com/watch?v=M5ITr2_FoT8 - facebook dot com/BrookfieldZoo/ - czs dot org/Brookfield-ZOO/Home.aspx - instagram dot com/brookfieldzoo/ - twitter dot com/brookfield_zoo

Golden Lion Tamarin, Tammie:

Photo Credit: Cute Baby GLT - flickr dot com/photos/steveharris/37993703
Photo Credit: Baby GLT with Mother - en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Golden_lion_tamarin
Photo Credit: Tamarin Painting a Picture - flickr dot com/photos/nationalzoo/ - Smithsonians National Zoo
Sign Credit: flickr dot com/photos/Nick Hall - 02030 Typhon (Added word “Tamarins” to sign.)
Video Credit: Youtube @Denver Zoo - youtube dot com/watch?v=nCaSRDQngMw - denverzoo dot org/

Guinea Pig, JenJen:

Hearts Credit: Clip Art Hearts - arrsd dot org/hearts/ (Pink and light blue hearts colorized.)
Photo Credit: Guinea Pig with Long Orange Hair - flickr dot com/photos/bickbyro
Photo Credit: Guinea Pig Eating Lettuce - flickr dot com/photos/Fenchurch!
Photo Credit: Guinea Pig with Pink Ribbon - flickr dot com/photos/Lotte
Photo Credit: Guinea Pigs in Costumes - videosift dot com
Photo Credit: Framed Guinea Pig on Animal Info Page - flickr dot com/photos/rachelrusinski
Video Credit: Youtube @Fabienne2212 - youtube dot com/watch?v=kNHivduxQWg

Horse, Kicker:

Figurine Credit: Turquoise Princess Horse - trailofpaintedponies dot com
Photo Credit: Brown Horse: flickr dot com/photos/Kat Maggio
Photo Credit: White Horse in Paddock: ishamfarms dot com
Photo Credit: Merry-Go-Round Horse - pixabay dot com
Photo Credit: Terra Cotta Army - age-of-the-sage dot org
Toy Credit: Felt Horse Toy - MasaiMama
Video Credit: Youtube @codypokeycharlie - youtube dot com/watch?v=qiPcrkFlC8g - Bear River Horse Farm, Conway MA

Lion, Little Leo:

Artist Credit: Leo the Lion - Lion in Blue Frame by Artist Sophie Harding
Artist Credit: Chinese Lion Dance - ClipartXtras
Photo Credit: Lioness and Lion - flickr dot com/photos/Greg Goebel
Photo Credit: Lion Cub - EncounterTheWild dot com
Stamp Credit: Republic of Nigeria Stamp by Maurice Fievet
Video Credit: Youtube @Oregon Zoo - youtube dot com/watch?v=r7h4TESJs7M - oregonzoo dot org - facebook dot com/oregonzoo - twitter dot com/OregonZoo - instagram dot com/oregonzoo/

Lion, Lucas:

Arts 'n Crafts Credit: Proud paper roll lions - masandpas dot com/proud-paper-roll-lions/
Coin Credit: Lion of Venetia Coin - Wikipedia
Figurine Credit: Hard Carved Lion - africancraftsmarket dot com
Photo Credit: Chinese Guardian Lions of Fo - Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit: Lion Standing - flickr dot com/photos/toronto_lex (Sky made more blue.)
Photo Credit: Shield with Lion - armorvenue dot com/red-lion-digital-artwork.html
Video Credit: Youtube @ValienteVejete - youtube dot com/watch?v=8SJluGsrcP4

Meerkat, Merkeeta:

Book Cover: The Mystery of Meerkat Hill - Penguin Randomhouse Books
Coin Credit: Rwanda 1 Ounce Coin - artincoins dot com
Photo Credit: Meerkat Stands in the Sun - flickr dot com/photos/19598613@N00
Photo Credit: Meerkat with Sunglasses - flickr dot com/photos/jpockele (Sunglasses added to photo.)
Video Credit: Youtube @Symbio Wildlife Park - Symbio Wildlife Park, New South Wales, Australia - youtube dot com/watch?v= 2dZqJItovsM - facebook dot com/symbiozoo/ (Added four names and Symbio logo to first image.)

Mouse, Maddie:

Artist Credit: Little Traveler Mouse Made by feltingdreams on Etsy
Artist Credit: Two Sculpey Mice with Flowers by Lucy Stopes-Roe
Photo Credits: Mouse Finding Food - flickr dot com/photos/amawby
Video Credit: Youtube @MouseAgility - youtube dot com/watch?v=t8XZ-_EgWB8 - facebook dot com/smartmice

Otter, Charlie:

Artist Credit: Fish Art Credit - artfulhorizon dot com
Photo Credit: Otter - cotswoldwildlifepark dot co dot uk
Photo Credit: Two Otters on Rocks - flickr dot com/photos/duloup
Photo Credit: Stilt House - flickr dot com/photos/toddmecklem
Sculpture Credit: Wood Carved Otter by Tom Taber
Sculpture Credit: Bronze River Otter by Kitty Cantrell
Stamp Credit: Hungarian Stamp of Otter - stamps dot livingat dot org
Video Credit: Youtube @Smithsonian's National Zoo youtube dot com/watch?v=9B_4aI4KE1k - nationalzoo dot si dot edu

Panda, Pandish:

Photo Credit:Three Pandas on Wooden Platform - flickr dot com/photos/wellwin - Wellwin Kwok
Photo Credit: Panda Eats Bamboo - flickr dot com/photos/jmilles - James G. Milles
Toy Credit: Three Toy Panda Super Heros - pandawishes dot com
Video Credit: Youtube @mrpenta - youtube dot com/watch?v=faref3EoeLk - youtube dot com/user/mrpenta - twitter dot com/mrpenta1

Persian Cat, Katya:

Photo Credit: Cat in Front of Mirror - cozykittens dot com
Photo Credit: White Cat in Pink Box - flickr dot com/photos/Engatusados
Photo Credit: Gray Cat on Blue - flickr dot com/photos/Red Nick 1978
Photo Credit: White and Gray Cat on Green - flickr dot com/photos/Skyeterrier
Video Credit: Youtube @Jody Dowling - youtube dot com/watch?v=J70bLDBgno8

Rabbit, Benny:

Artist Credit: Easter Bunny Card - CheekyMagpie dot com
Photo Credit: Rabbit in Grass - flickr dot com/photos/lenbo/ photoholic1
Photo Credit: Rabbit on Forest Path - flickr dot com/photos/wiredwitch
Sculpture Credit: Blue Carved Rabbit from Oaxaca - VivaMexico dot com
Stamp Credit: Rabbit Stamp from Ghana - World Stamp Show Boston 2026
Video Credit: Youtube @TomiTapio - youtube dot com/watch?v=MgBEIcRd58s

Raccoon, Parker:

Artist Credit: Painting of Raccoon by the Water - Artist Qin Tianzhu (Caligraphy poem was moved to fit the frame.)
Artist Credit: Raccoon in Shirt and Tie - istockphoto dot com/vector/watercolor-cute-illustration-with-raccoon-in-green-shirt-gm539813846-96263195
Photo Credit: Smiling Raccoon - flickr dot com/photos/yel02
Video Credit: Youtube#TYZUarts - youtube dot com/watch?v=VgU7MuvhcGE - facebook dot com/TYZU.Cartoon - twitter dot com/TYZU

Raccoon, Punky:

Photo Credit: Raccoon Eating Cherries in Tree - AndrewBrownsword - Wikipedia Creative Commons
Photo Credit: Raccoons on Fence - flickr dot com/photos/andylangager
Photo Credit: Raccoon With Paws in Mud - flickr dot com/photos/didierbaertschiger
Stuffed Animal Credit: Cute Plush Raccoon - stuffedsafari dot com
Video Credit: Youtube @rafowell - youtube dot com/watch?v=STH7tE5FRts

Tiger, Teejah:

Artist Credit: Traditional Korean Tiger Painting - lifeinkorea dot com/culture/patterns/patterns.cfm?Subject=Animals (Original image trimmed and mirrored, left to right, to fit.)
Photo Credit: Tiger in Frame - moversandsekhars dot wordpress dot com
Photo Credit: Tiger in Field - flickr dot com/photos/ucumari
Photo Credit: Tiger on Rock- flickr dot com/photos/Picture Taker 2
Video Credit: Youtube @Big Cat Rescue – Tampa, Florida - youtube dot com/watch?v=V-H20YACr6E - bigcatrescue dot org/ - twitter dot com/BigCatRescue - facebook dot com/bigcatrescue - instagram dot com/bigcatrescue/

Turtle, Bixie:

Logo Credit:  University of Maryland Mascot - GO TERPS!
Photo Credit: Green Turtle - biology dot uta dot edu/herpetology/Coahuila%202007.htm
Photo Credit: Brown and Gold Turtle on Pine Needles - flickr dot com/photos/pcoin
Photo Credit: Yellow, Green, Orange Turtle on Wood - flickr dot com/photos/dongato/
Photo Credit: Turtle on Green Cloth - flickr dot com/photos/sleepy_sarah - Sarah J. Poe
Video Credit: Youtube @Colette Micallef - Wildlife, bird and nature videographer. - youtube dot com/watch?v=wNPVRwqqZ70

Turtle, Tiki:

Drawing Credit: Cute Turtle Sketch - Clipart Library
Photo Credit: Baby Box Turtle Lifted Up - flickr dot com/photos/bricks_picks/
Stamp Credit: Nicaragua Turtle stamp
Stamp Credit: Stamp from Malawi
Stuffed Animal Credit: Nickelodeon Stuffed TMNT turtle
Video Credit: Youtube @Al Dezutter - youtube dot com/watch?v=qRsNldWjzuY

Wolf, Wolfie:

Jewelry Credit: Wolf with Turquoise - nativeamericanjewelry dot com/turquoise-american-indian-sterling-silver-wolf-pendant-sx105552
Photo Credit: Two Curious Wolf Cubs - wolffacts dot org
Photo Credit: Two Little Wolf Cubs on Rock - flickr dot com/photos/10243056@N02/4249068583/
Photo Credit: White Wolf in Snow - flickr dot com/photos/wildspiritwolfsanctuary/353374587/in/pool-50129118@N00/
Video Credit: Youtube @WolfInTheRain - youtube dot com/watch?v=bGMsAYgoL3Y - gettyimages dot com (Motion Gallery / Getty Images video clips used.)

Wolf, Wolfinna:

Artist Credit: Us And The Moon - Artist Elaine Thompson - elainethompsonart dot com
Jewelry Credit: Bear Necklace - PuebloDirect dot com
Photo Credits: flickr dot com/photos/tambako
Video Credit: Youtube @DCD23ME - youtube dot com/watch?v=kjVSyQkqZ7s